Friday, March 9, 2012

24 February-umur 15 tahun

my mama's post

my sis's post


fuh fuhh fuh....hahah berhabuk sudah ini blog, after about 3 weeks i never update my loevely vs hately(ada kerw) blog.Dah! jangan merapu panjang2, nanti ringkasan kurang markah,opss cerita exam pulak,nie yg terkenang nie.Malas lah cerita exam,cerita hari lahir a.k.a hari tua aku dulu dah 2 minggu yang lalu 24 february hari jumaat. umur aku dah 15 tahun,kowang dah dah dah? belum kan! haaaa.aku jerw(perasan). aduh benda dah lame tak tahu apa yang jadi. ok anyway or anything or something else happen, firstly i want to say so many so much so and so and so to the people who wish and pray for me cuz my birthday, and before i forget thanks a lot or lot lot or somenthing else to the people who gave me the t-shirt, as usual i will never to wear that t-shirt,but i will keep it save and carefully.hmm but the most make me happy is.... my mum said, i will get Nikon DSLR as the gift lah kan for my birthday, actually my mum asked me when that i wanted to but that, but after i think rational for a while, better i buy bulan april or end of this month, hahaha never mind if ada rezeki datang lah benda uwh(ishyy bukan datang jatuh bergolek cam uwh) nie yang malas nie layang yang loading2 niehy....sabo jerw lahh. ok end of this 24th story, wait for the next post about exam!syarahan! Debate! debat and so far so go lah...

---------epiloq aq97--------